The bassoon, the lowest sounding member of the woodwind family, is also a double reed instrument. This is one of the most specialized instruments in the band. Due to the unique nature of these instruments, students playing these instruments are required to take weekly private lessons. There is also a beginning bassoon camp offered in August for students interested in getting a jump start before school begins. Please see Mrs. Cansler for more information.

Personality Traits

  • aspirational
  • thinks outside of box

Physical Characteristics

  • agile thumbs
  • long fingers
  • coordination

Bassoons are provided and rented through Frisco ISD. Availability is limited. Students will need to purchase the accessories. About 3% of the beginning band will be selected to play bassoon.

Examples of Great Bassoon Playing

Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet

Bassoon Ensemble Playing The Pink Panther

Oberlin Bassoon Quartet Playing Super Mario