SummerBand and start-of-the-year Griffin Band info!

Here is the information I sent via email to all incoming 7/8th grade families. Posting the same information here in case the email did not reach someone! See you all soon!

The following information is for our incoming 7th and 8th graders only. SummerBand/Swim Party information does NOT pertain to incoming 6th graders:

Much of the planning for next year has been underway for quite a while, so I wanted to go ahead and share some dates and information with you. As of right now, we’re planning to operate as “normally” as possible, and we will make any changes needed as we go, so please know that some information may change. I always try to avoid changing dates once they are published, but sometimes that is unavoidable. Any changes would be announced as soon as possible, and I try to keep the Griffin Band website’s calendar updated as well. Please be sure to click on events for available details.

Most immediately, all of our incoming 7th and 8th grade students should plan to attend our SummerBand rehearsals at the beginning of August! These are our series of three fun rehearsals to get a great jump start on meeting other students in your section and working on our pep band music that we’ll all be playing this fall. If you are out of town for all/some of those rehearsals, we completely understand. Please let us know in advance, if possible. If you’re in town, we’d love to have all of our 7/8th grade students together!

SummerBand details: All rehearsals are at Griffin. Students should bring instruments, necessary instrument supplies, pep band music, and a pencil. Rehearsals will be at Griffin. Participate in the GatorBand Spirit theme each night for the chance at treats and prizes too!

Monday, August 2nd, 5-7:00 pm – Hawaiian / Vacation / Tourist night!
Tuesday, August 3rd, 5-7:00 pm – Disney Nite (Marvel & Star Wars included)
Wednesday, August 4th, 5-7:00 pm – Show your GATOR SPIRIT Nite! (also popsicle nite 🙂
Thursday, August 5th, 5-7:00 pm – Back2Band Swim party at the Frisco Athletic Center! Any 7/8th grade student who has joined us for SummerBand rehearsals is welcome to come swim with us for our FIRST social event of the year! (No instruments, of course!) Students will need to pay their own admission to the park ($11 unless you have a season pass) and the Griffin Gator Band Booster Club will be providing pizza and water for the students!

One more date that I wanted to mention – we are planning for our Band Registration Rally to be held on Tuesday, August 24th at 6 pm at Griffin. We will talk about some of the expectations and plans for this coming year, and our 7th and 8th grade students will get a chance to perform for you the music they worked on at SummerBand and in the first few days of school! (As of right now there is not a Griffin Football game scheduled on this date – if that changes we may have to move our event, but we expect this will work.)

More information about the year will be forthcoming, but please mark your calendars for these events! We’re so excited to get started!

Mrs. Cansler