Week 2 Updates

Good morning GatorBand Families!

Happy Monday! We’re excited to start Week 2, and looking forward to having students in our Band Hall again by the end of Week 3!
Because of the changing information and extensive technology involved in getting this year off and running, we’ve decided to postpone our fall Parent Meeting (“Registration Rally”) by one week. Instead of this Tuesday, we will meet NEXT Tuesday, September 1st.  Parents of 6th grade students will meet at 5 pm, and families with 7/8th graders will meet at 6 pm. Videos of the information presented will be available after the meeting. The directors will be available during the meeting to field questions.
*Reminder: as your student is trying to print materials from Canvas, please make sure your STUDENT is logged into his/her FISD Google account. If you are prompted to request access to a class document, that is usually the problem.We cannot grant access to our materials outside of the FISD network due to copyright law. Students will have access to view/print.
6th grade parents:
At this time, we are planning for students to start playing instruments on Tuesday, September 8th. We are right on track for where we usually are this time of year. We’re not moving any faster or slower than normal due to the virtual environment. There is a lot to get through before we can get to instruments. By September 8th we’ll have a lot of our students back to class in person, so we can help them move faster as they start dealing with the instruments. We plan to offer Virtual Academy students after-school appointments individually or in small groups after school the week of 9/8 so we can help with the first encounter with instruments. We hope to have more details available by our meeting next Tuesday evening.
Please let us know if we can help in any way! Have a great day!