Pre-UIL – Tuesday, March 17

Pre-UIL is an event held annually that is sort of a practice run of our UIL process. The students will all go through the timed and formal warm up, stage performance, and sight reading process just like we will on the day of UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest. Because of how the Pre-UIL schedule and process runs, students are not expected to stay and hear the other bands perform. As soon as their Sight Reading has concluded, students are dismissed.


The schedule for the evening of March 17 is as follows:

Arrive at

Stage performance

Sight Reading time ends/students dismissed

Concert Band

4:20 pm

5:00 pm

5:45 pm

Symphonic Band

5:10 pm

5:50 pm

6:45 pm

Wind Symphony

6:00 pm

6:40 pm

7:40 pm

Students should arrive at Wakeland by the time above, dressed in their formal concert uniform (All-BLACK Dress socks and DRESS SHOES!) with music and instruments. Cases should be left in the car if at all possible. We will meet on the far end of the auditorium lobby (closer to the gym). Reed players should always bring their reed guards/cases with them!

Parents are encouraged to attend and can go into the auditorium before their student’s performance. The Cobb ensembles are performing between our groups, so please be aware and respectful of them as you enter the auditorium. As always, please do not enter/exit the auditorium during a piece of music – please wait for applause between pieces. This performance will be professionally recorded. Also, our judges for the evening will be sitting at tables in the back, making taped commentary recordings for the directors – you might want to sit farther away from them so that you don’t hear them speaking during the music.

As soon as each group finishes their stage performance, they will proceed to the Wakeland Band Hall where they will sight read. Again, parents are encouraged to join us to watch this amazing process!  If you have small children, however, it is suggested they not come in the Band Hall. There will be a 7-8 explanation period by the director that requires complete silence and focus from the students. The entire sight reading process takes about 15 minutes, with another 5-10  minutes for comments from our adjudicator at the end.

After Sight Reading, students will exit the exterior Band Hall doors and are dismissed. The times above are estimates – if the schedule runs on time throughout the night, they could be done 10-15 minutes sooner than mentioned above. Our Concert Band is the first group of the evening.

If students want to stay to hear other groups, we ask that they be supervised by a parent, as we will be continuing on with other Griffin students and then helping with running the event for the Wakeland groups. The complete performance schedule for the evening is:

Griffin Concert Band – 5:00

Cobb Concert Band – 5:25

Griffin Symphonic Band – 5:50

Cobb Symphonic Band – 6:15

Griffin Wind Symphony – 6:40

Cobb Wind Symphony – 7:10

Wakeland Concert Band 2 – 7:40

Wakeland Concert Band 1 – 8:05

Wakeland Symphonic Band – 8:40

Wakeland Wind Symphony – 9:15