Hey former Gators!

Hey Band!

If you are a Wakeland or Lone Star Band member who is an alumni of our Griffin GatorBand, we’d like to invite you to come join us in our annual performance at Griffin Football!

We will be performing on Tuesday, September 26th at the Griffin v. Fowler game taking place at the Wakeland HS stadium from 6:00-8:00 pm.  You may print out our pep tunes at this link.  (You will need to be logged in to your Frisco ISD student Google account in order to access these files.  Please DO NOT email a director to request access.  You have it.  But you have to be logged in.) Please bring your flip folder (and lyre), instrument, and wear a Wakeland/Lone Star Band shirt if you are going to perform.

If you join us, we expect you to follow all of the guidelines set by the Griffin directors (be positive, no food/drinks, remain in your spot, play well, etc.), and act as a positive example for our GatorBand.  We’re offering you this opportunity to help recruit our students into your ranks in the Wakeland/Lone Star Band – and because we’d love to see you!  But we reserve the right to ask you to leave if your behavior is not what it needs to be.  We’ll leave it at that. J

Please complete this Google Form if you are planning to attend so that we can plan to have space for you.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

-Mrs. Cansler