Pep Band Music (for all incoming 7/8th graders)

If you are needing any Pep Band music, please print your parts from THIS LINK prior to SummerBand reharsals beginning on Monday, August 14th.  Additional stand cheers will be added.

The tunes you will need are:

  • The GMS Fight Song
  • Land of 1,000 Dances
  • The Hey Song
  • Animal
  • Can’t Stop the Feeling
  • Handclap
  • Hawaii Five-0 Theme

Additional information…

  • Oboes will use Bells parts
  • Bass Clarinets will play Tenor Saxophone parts if there is no Bass Clarinet part.
  • Percussionists should have all percussion parts.  Part assignments will be finalized in August at SummerBand.
  • If there are multiple parts for your instrument (i.e. Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Trumpet 3) it is a good idea to have all parts.  Official assignments will be made in August.  As a starting point, 7th graders will pay 2nd/3rd parts and most 8th graders will play 1st and some 2nd parts, but this may be switched around.  The range for some of these parts can get pretty high in the brass parts.
  • CB/SB 7th grade Clarinetists, if there is only one clarinet part and it is really high, you may think about looking for a 2nd or 3rd trumpet part.  But also have the clarinet part with you!