Wind Symphony UIL schedule

The Wind Symphony has been scheduled to perform in the Region 24 Concert and Sight reading contest on Tuesday, April 11th at 3:40 pm at Independence High School in Frisco.  WS members will be excused from 7th period through the end of the school day.

Students will need to remember to BRING their concert uniforms to school the day of UIL.  Please make sure you pack ALL components of the uniform (tie, sash, shoes, socks, etc!) and please bring it hung neatly on hangers.  At the conclusion of our regular 6th period rehearsal, students will be given time to change into their formal concert uniform.  We will then load buses to IHS.  Parents are invited to meet us at Independence to watch our performance!  Our sight reading performance should conclude around 4:30 pm, at which time we will bus back to Griffin for parent pickup around 5:15 pm.

While we don’t really need “chaperones” for this trip, it would be helpful to have a few parents help monitor our students as we conclude the sight reading portion of our afternoon and are moving back toward the buses.  If you are planning to attend our UIL performance and would be willing to help monitor the students as the exit the sight reading room and load the buses, please let Mrs. Cansler know.