Pre-UIL information – ALL 7th/8th grade band members

Pre-UIL Schedule:  Wednesday, March 22nd; Wakeland HS

GRIFFIN Concert Band –
Call time – 6:15 pm     Warm up – 6:30     Stage Performance – 7:00    Sight Read – 7:25
Cobb Concert Band
Stage Performance – 7:25
GRIFFIN Symphonic Band –
Call time – 7:10 pm    Warm up – 7:25      Stage Performance – 7:50     Sight Read – 8:15
Cobb Symphonic Band
Stage Performance – 8:25
GRIFFIN Wind Symphony –
Call time – 8:15 pm     Warm up – 8:25     Stage Performance – 8:50     Sight Read – 9:25

Our Pre-UIL performance will take place on Wednesday, March 22nd at Wakeland. We are not able to begin until a little later in the evening than we had hoped because the Wakeland HS Theatre One-Act Play group has advanced to the next round of their UIL competition – the struggles of having so many successful Fine Arts programs in Frisco ISD! 🙂  Congratulations to Wakeland One-Act!

This evening will be run like a “Practice” UIL contest. We will have 3 judges for the stage component of the evening and 1 judge in the Sight Reading Room. Parents are encouraged to attend! You’re welcome to follow the band into the Sight Reading room (in the WHS Band Hall) at the completion of the stage performance. The Sight Reading process takes about 30 minutes and does require a lot of concentration from our students, so it might not be a good place for very young siblings.  NO video or audio recording of ANY KIND may take place in the Sight Reading room at Pre-UIL or at UIL.  The stage portion of the evening will be professionally recorded both at Pre-UIL and at UIL.

Students should plan to meet in the Auditorium Lobby at Wakeland at their assigned Call Time so that we can get organized and focused to go into the warm up room. Small instrument cases should be left in the car if possible, unless it is raining or very cold. Bassoon and large low brass can be left in the auditorium lobby to the left of the lobby restroom doors. Concert dress is required, including ties, vests, and DRESS SOCKS for the gentlemen. ALL band members should be wearing black dress shoes. Students are responsible for transporting their own instruments and music, as usual.

At the completion of the band’s sight reading performance, students are free to go. There is no requirement for them to stay to hear the other groups perform because of the way this evening is scheduled.

The preliminary schedule for our UIL contest will be available soon – keep a lookout. Parents are encouraged to attend that performance as well!