7th and 8th grade performance at GMS Football Game!

Our 7th and 8th grade GatorBand students will be performing at our GMS 8th grade football game on Tuesday, September 20th, at LONE STAR HIGH SCHOOL.

Students will need to wear their NEW GMS GatorBand shirt to school on that day, as we will also be performing at the Pep Rally during the school day.   Students will need to arrive at the GMS Band Hall at 5:30 pm for pizza.  We will then load the buses and travel to Lone Star High School.  We will need a few parents to help supervise students in the stands at LSHS, and to help pass out water, to help serve pizza before we leave, and to help transport equipment to and from the event.

Coming Soon: Please CLICK HERE to sign up to help!

We will play during the end of the B-team game and through the first portion of the A-team game.  We will conclude our performance at 8:00.  Parents will need to please pick up their student (with his/her instrument) at Lone Star HS at 8:10 pm.  There is NO transportation provided back to GMS.  Please contact Mrs. Cansler if you need assistance in arranging a car pool.

Students will need to wear their new GatorBand shirt, closed-toe shoes, and blue jeans.  Each student is responsible for his or her own instrument, music (flip folder), and lyre.  Students who have an instrument for which there is no lyre (oboe, bassoon, horn, tuba, etc.) will need to make arrangements with the directors for a stand, or bring their own music stand from home.

Students will not pay admission for the game, but any family members wishing to attend will be charged the regular admission.

8th grade football players will play their game, and then they will play with the band for the opposite game (i.e. B-Team players will perform with the band during the A-Team game, and vice-versa).  They will need to make arrangements with the directors to have help transporting their instruments.  ALL 8th grade football players may ride the football buses back with the team.

Please consider helping with transportation of equipment if you own a large vehicle! 🙂

Crossing our fingers for no rain on Tuesday (if so, we’ll make a decision on Tuesday afternoon)!  Looking forward to a fun night of football and music!  We hope you’ll join us!