New GatorBand Year is Here

I hope you’re enjoying your last few moments of “summer”. After a solid week of meetings, I’m excited to see students in the Band Hall tomorrow!

Tomorrow we’ll be going over procedures (groan, I know), new lockers, etc., so you do NOT need your instruments untilTuesday. On Tuesday we do need everyone to bring their instruments from home. Tubas, too. You’ll likely be assigned a different instrument to keep at home this year. Percussionists, please bring your stick bag, etc. on Tuesday.

Everyone should have the pep band music printed from the link sent twice earlier. Wind Symphony should have 2 additional concert pieces printed.

Please make sure you have your calendars marked for our Family Band Night on Thursday, September 2nd. We’ll have a performance starting at 6:00 pm, mixed with a short meeting and followed by a light meal and games while parents can take care of this year’s registration and Band Fees. (Additional information will be forthcoming.)
Thanks! Have a great evening! Enjoy the Olympic Closing Ceremonies tonight and we’ll see everyone in class tomorrow!